R Packages contributed

  • rgbif: Interface to the Global 'Biodiversity' Information Facility 'API'

    A programmatic interface to the Web Service methods provided by the Global Biodiversity Information Facility ('GBIF'). 'GBIF' is a database of species occurrence records from sources all over the globe. 'rgbif' includes functions for searching for taxonomic names, retrieving information on data providers, getting species occurrence records, and getting counts of occurrence records.

  • rvertnet: Search 'Vertnet', a 'Database' of Vertebrate Specimen Records

    Retrieve, map and summarize data from the 'VertNet.org' archives. Functions allow searching by many parameters, including 'taxonomic' names, places, and dates. In addition, there is an interface for conducting spatially delimited searches, and another for requesting large 'datasets' via email.

  • rinat: Access iNaturalist data through APIs

    A programmatic interface to the API provided by the iNaturalist website.

  • bdvis: Biodiversity Data Visualizations

    Biodiversity data visualizations using R would be helpful to understand completeness of biodiversity inventory, extent of geographical, taxonomic and temporal coverage, gaps and biases in data.

  • bdDwC: : Darwinizer

    The 'shiny' application 'bdDwC' makes biodiversity data field names Darwin Core compatible.

  • taxotools: Tools to Handle Taxonomic Lists

    Some tools to work with taxonomic name lists.

  • R Packages in making

  • bdsns: Biodiversity data from Social Networking Websites in R

    Harvesting Biodiversity Records from Social Networking Sites Barve, V. (2014). Discovering and developing primary biodiversity data from social networking sites: A novel approach. Ecological Informatics, 24, 194-199. doi:10.1016/j.ecoinf.2014.08.008

  • ENMGadgets: Gadgets for Ecological Niche Modelling

    Frequently required functions to prepare data for Ecological Niche Modelling (ENM) software and post processing the results into meaningful outputs.

  • NicheToolbox: from getting biodiversity data to evaluating species distribution models in a friendly GUI environment.

    R package in making with a friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI) using shiny framework, aims to facilitate the process of building niche models and estimate the species distributions. Functions to curate species occurrence data (clean duplicated records), build models to estimate species niches (Bioclim, MaxEnt, Ellipsoid model) and distributions, evaluate model performance (Partial Roc, Confusion matrices), download a workflow (in html, pdf and .doc) to reproduce the analysis.